Refund Policy by

Nearly every consumer has claimed for a refund, exchange, or store credit at least once. The experience usually is quite uneventful, although sometimes refunds don’t go the way we would like them to. At We will make exceptions for you, if there is a problem, with our Service or Program in which case it may be covered by our Implied Warranty ‘’Acceptance Guaranteed or your Money Back 100%’’


Refunds are NOT available;

1. If you received the questionnaires containing important information on how to file your case, is considered you already used our service, and then decide to not use the service for any personal reasons, like if you decide to file it yourself, or continue the filing at a later time, etc.

Please note we keep copies of all communications between clients as evidence, and to strictly enforce our policies with Merchant providers to avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunications. We understand your time is valuable so as of each agent employed at Immigrate and save .com and we will be more than happy to help you continue with the process you committed to, by having hired us.

Refunds will be available if;

  • 1. If its within 20 days of the purchase and you haven’t use our service, submit a refund request. (Please call 18006092912 Ext 802 if you need to submit a refund request)
  • 2. Your case was rejected or denied while using our service and you followed ALL the Instructions. * (Applies to; after case resubmission’s only)
  • 3. A partial* refund will be available, if you decide to continue your case at a later time and its been over 20 days since purchase, and you haven’t use Immigrate and Save Services or received any questionnaires in regards to your case.

Government Fees

  • 1. Government fees are not refundable.
  • 2.Government fees are paid to the Government, after your case is mailed to your home address, not to, unless instructed otherwise by our clients.
  • 3.Never pay anyone for Government fees, Government fees are paid to the Government Only.


If you should have any questions or any clarifications in regards to this statement, please feel free to call (305) 420-6043 to inquire more about our Privacy or Refund Policies.


*All refunds have a Cancellation Fee of $100.00 for processing and Administrative fee, by making any purchase through/linked to this site.


Collection Agency Involvement

Additionally, your information shared with any agent at might be shared with a Collection Agency of our choice, is by any reason payments are not completed after we mail your case to you. Please note we will have to disclose your information if the agreement is not met by you, such as if the payment is not received.

If by any reasons your case needs some corrections, by our policy & terms,  your required to send it to us, for corrections, it doesn’t entitle you for a refund or your money back, the only way for a refund or money back is if you have a DENIAL notice from the USCIS.